Live Testimonial Feed.

"I did receive the photos and just want to thank you guys for the excellent service, you are great."

6 Oct 2017 - Erane C.

"I received the downloadable photos I ordered. The process was quick and easy. Will definitely buy more should I be at another event. Have a lovely day. "

4 Oct 2017 - Michelle S.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! The service was just that, quick and painless. The quality is great amd I received them shortly after payment was made. Thank you for making it so easy!"

3 Oct 2017 - Naté B.

"Your service was fantastic. Very fast. You guys are on the ball. And today you definitely don’t get that good service anymore. So hats off to you and your team."

3 Oct 2017 - Warren D.

"I did receive the photo’s and they were in good order. Thank – you for your efficient and great services"

2 Oct 2017 - Debbie M.

"Yes, I have received the photos. I am impressed with both the quality and level of service."

2 Oct 2017 - Rabia V.

"Thank you for your email. As per your email, using Photo Frog was an absolute pleasure "making photo ordering quick and painless". While I only ordered 3 photos, the entire process from start to receiving the digital images took about 10 min. With prompts every step of the way, it couldn't have been any easier. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Photo Frog."

1 Oct 2017 - Louwlette K.

"I received the photos and they are all in good order. Quality is excellent and I am very happy to have received 9 different photos this year!"

1 Oct 2017 - Wouter L.

"I have received my photos thank you. Everything concerning your services is excellent. Be blessed"

30 Sep 2017 - Henk B.

"Yes I have received my order and the photo is perfect. Thank you for the great service."

29 Sep 2017 - Jess W.

"Julle diens is wonderlik baie dankie - julle moet net meer van my poppie geneem het dan kon ek meer gekoop het."

27 Sep 2017 - Rudi B.

"Thanks ...everything worked really well. I am very happy with your service."

23 Sep 2017 - Trevor F.

"I am 100% satisfied, think your service is amazing. Loved the way I paid and had the pics in 5 minutes. The quality is brilliant, I am VERY impressed 😊😊😊"

22 Sep 2017 - Catherine W.

"Thank you so much for your service! I am very happy and impressed with the service I received! The ordering is quick and smooth. Thank you so much!"

22 Sep 2017 - Nicola I.

"Thank you for checking up! I'm VERY happy with the quality of the photos AND how fast your service is! I'm very impressed, thank you! :-) Xx"

17 Sep 2017 - Hester E.

"Yes thank you, I was able to download the images quickly and simply. Your site is very easy to use and I received the photos in record time. The photos are great too! I am definitely impressed with your service. Thank you for following up!"

16 Sep 2017 - Ailene H.

"Thank you for the excellent service! I'm really impressed by the instant replies to my emails. The site is very professional and easy to follow. The pictures I received were correct and of exceptional quality! Thank you once again for the wonderful service."

15 Sep 2017 - Dominique P.

"Ja, ons het die foto’s suksesvol ontvang en in pragtige kondisie en kwaliteit. Dit is ons tweede keer wat ons foto’s van julle bestel en sal dit beslis in die toekoms doen. Het ook al ons maats wie op die foto’s is, ingelig."

15 Sep 2017 - Maritz D.

"It was a real pleasure purchasing his photos. The whole process was so easy. And the quality of the photos are good. All in all, a great experience from your product. Well done!"

15 Sep 2017 - Ludwig E.

"I have been very impressed with your service and I am very happy with the photos that I received."

12 Sep 2017 - Jenna C.

"I have received the digital photos in record time and all to my satisfaction. Thanks for an excellent service!"

12 Sep 2017 - Johan K.

"I did receive my photos, thank you very much! Kudos to you guys, I’m very impressed with the excellent service, continue the good work 😊"

8 Sep 2017 - Sone O.

"The order process was quick and painless and the photos appeared in my inbox seconds after I downloaded them. You guys have a brilliant system."

8 Sep 2017 - Steven P.

"I ordered made payment and my pics were immediately in my inbox. I was so chuffed. Outstanding service"

6 Sep 2017 - Kaylee I.

"All received and gave them to my daughter last night. She is extremely happy. Thank you so much for the excellent service. Brilliant to deal with you."

6 Sep 2017 - Graeme G.

"Thank you for your fantastic efficiency, yes I have received the photos Xxx"

5 Sep 2017 - Robyn B.

"Great service thank you very much. Was so glad that we could order online and actually get the photo within 2 minutes…Thanks a mil!! Painless effort"

31 Aug 2017 - Rialene L.

"Thank you for your email. I received all the photos and the process was quick and easy, thanks. They are great action photos and amazing quality. Happy customer."

28 Aug 2017 - Charlene D.

"I downloaded my photos without any problems. Your download service works exactly as I would have wanted it to - as soon as as I paid I could download, the instructions were clear and the process painless. But if I complement you, it is not on that service. That is to be expected. What I find out of the ordinary, and therefore worthy of mention, is this follow-up email. I did not expect that."

27 Aug 2017 - Hein V.

"Yes, thank you, I got them all. This is such an easy to use system and I've had no problems at all. Works like a dream :-) Thank you once again."

26 Aug 2017 - Dave S.

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